EASI·Consult® Announces New Teaming Relationship with Human Capital Solutions!

EASI·Consult® is proud to announce an exciting, new teaming relationship with Human Capital Solutions. The Human Capital Solutions group are consultants in the field of executive search. They know what it takes to deliver the results your business requires. They have the people and the processes to deliver those results. Their retained executive search consultants are experienced industry veterans.

EASI·Consult’s David Hoff was a guest expert on the CFR Career 100 podcast. Click here to listen.

Breaking News

  • David Hoff Appointed to Board of Directors of Phoenix Employment Ministries Don Skinner, Executive Director of Phoenix Employment Ministries announced the appointment today of David Hoff to their Board of Directors. David is Chief Operating Officer and EVP Leadership Development at EASI·Consult®. David is also a regular contributing author to the Wilmington Business Journal's Insights. Joanne Fox, Chairman of the Board at Phoenix said, "I am thrilled with David's appointment to the Board. His long term commitment to helping the unemployed along with his decade of experience writing winning proposals for EASI·Consult® will be a real asset to Phoenix." Phoenix is a non-profit located in downtown Wilmington that empowers individual in extreme poverty to find and retain satisfying long-term employment. For more information on Phoenix Employment Ministries, contact by phone 910-343-8469 or email don@phoenixemploymentministry.org.
  • EASI·Consult®'s contract with MOBIS extended! EASI·Consult® is happy to announce that our MOBIS Contract has been extended through April 22, 2019! MOBIS contractors possess the necessary expertise to facilitate how the federal government responds to new mandates such as the President's Management Agenda, Government Performance and Results Act; Federal Acquisition Streamlining Act, and government reinvention initiatives such as benchmarking, and streamlining.
  • Two of EASI·Consult®'s team members have been appointed to an Advisory Panel! EASI·Consult®'s David Smith, Ph.D. and Lee Konczak, Ph.D. have recently been appointed to the Advisory Panel for the Book Review section of Personnel Psychology.
  • EASI·Consult® is now a Taleo Business Edition Validated Partner! We are happy to announce that EASI·Consult® is now a Taleo Business Edition Validated Partner. EASI·Consult®'s online assessment tools can now be integrated into clients that use Taleo applicant tracking systems. By becoming a partner, EASI·Consult® now has added flexibility that we can give our current and future clients.
  • EASI·Consult® is a Subcontractor for the DHS EAGLE II Project! EASI·Consult® is happy to announce that our Team is now a subcontractor for the DHS EAGLE II project. More exciting news to follow soon!
  • EASI·Consult® Shares White Papers on our Website! EASI·Consult® is happy to announce the arrival of a new section to our website. EASI·Consult®'s White Papers are now available for your enjoyment. Please feel free to read up on the Role of Competencies in Career Development, Hierarchical Job Analyses, Responsible Employment Testing, or Pre-Employment Testing in Health Care. All of these white papers are now available on our website. Please copy and paste this link into your web browser to view each of these helpful papers: http://easiconsult.com/whitepapers/
  • EASI·Consult®'s Richard Chagnon reviewed the book, Career Paths: Charting Courses to Success for Organizations and Their Employees by Carter, Cook, and Dorsey Richard Chagnon had the opportunity to review the book Career Paths: Charting Courses to Success for Organizations and Their Employees by Gary W. Carter, Kevin W. Cook, and David W. Dorsey. This book provides examples of successful career paths into new or established talent management systems. This book is an excellent reference for HR professionals. Please see our book review section for more about this helpful book! Copy and paste this link into your web browser: http://easiconsult.com/
  • EASI·Consult®'s Manufacturing Compatibility QuestionnaireTM (MCQTM) is Featured in SHRM Store at National Conference in Chicago June 16-19! The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Annual Conference and Exposition event is occurring June 16-19, 2013 in Chicago. During this event, EASI·Consult®'s Manufacturing Compatibility QuestionnaireTM (MCQTM) will be featured in the SHRM Store. The MCQTM is currently being used by companies such as Rolls Royce, MacLean Power System, USG Corporation, and Hubbell Power System. This assessment measures key factors that are required to be successful in entry-level manufacturing and assembly work. To learn more about the MCQTM please read our ROI Study by copying and pasting this link into your browser: https://www.easiconsult.com/customers/casestudies/roi-study-mcq.pdf
  • EASI·Consult® is an official sponsor of the Lower Cape Fear Human Resource Association! The Lower Cape Fear Human Resource Association (LCFHRA) is one of 550 affiliate chapters of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). They are a non-profit volunteer organization. They are committed to effectively communicating important information related to key trends in business, workplace legislation, workplace diversity and the HR field to its members. EASI·Consult® is a proud sponsor of this incredible organization. Please visit their website for more information. Copy and paste this link into your browser: http://lcfhra.shrm.org/
  • EASI·Consult®'s Caroline Gibson was a faculty member for the American Bankers Association Stonier Graduate School for Banking 2013 Program! Caroline Gibson, a senior consultant with EASI·Consult®, just returned from Philadelphia, PA where she served as a faculty member for the American Bankers Association (ABA) Stonier Graduate School for Banking 2013 Program. Caroline taught "Coaching for Performance" which was an elective course in the program, as well as "Leading with Emotional Intelligence" which was a Year 3 core course within the program. If you would like more information regarding this program or Caroline's contributions, please copy and paste this link into your web browser: http://www.abastonier.com/
  • EASI·Consult®'s research with the Defense Academy for Credibility Assessment (DACA) on competency modeling is now published and available online! Recently, the Department of Defense Polygraph Institute (DoDPI), now the DACA, awarded EASI·Consult® with a research project combining the elements of Cognitive Task Analysis (CTA) with Competency Modeling (using Behavioral Event Interviewing) to identify, define, and describe behavior-based competencies that distinguish superior from average interrogators. The EASI·Consult® team identified 17 competencies that differentiated superior interrogators from average interrogators. To read more, follow the two links below, please copy and paste them into your web browswer:



  • EASI·Consult® launches a series of professional videos! Watch our first video featuring Dave Hoff on Competency Modeling. EASI·Consult® is happy to announce that our first video from our professional series, EASI·Consult®'s Expertise, is now available on our website! These videos showcase our greatest strengths and assets as a company: Our People. These videos will illustrate to others what we already know - EASI·Consult® has a deep base of knowledge, expertise, and experience to draw upon.

    Our first video is an interview with David Hoff, M.Ed., covering Competency Modeling. Here is the link, please copy and paste it into your web browswer: http://www.easiconsult.com/demos/model

  • EASI·Consult®'s Richard Chagnon reviewed the book, Emotional Intelligence Coaching by Stephen Neale et al. Richard Chagnon had the opportunity to review the book Emotional Intelligence Coaching by Stephen Neale, Lisa Spencer Arnell, and Liz Wilson for the Personnel Psychology Journal. Richard states that the book is very interesting and is delivered in an effective format. See our book review section for more about this exciting book! Please copy and paste this link into your web browser: http://easiconsult.com/
  • New webpage for the WSP on EASI·Consult®'s website! EASI·Consult® just added a new webpage for the Work Styles Predictor (WSP) to their website. Go check out the new page! Please copy and paste this link into your web browser: http://easiconsult.com/services/wsp.html
  • Jerry Kehoe and Cal Hoffman have a Published Book Chapter! EASI·Consult®'s Jerry Kehoe and Cal Hoffman have a chapter in a book that was just published. The chapter is titled, "The life cycle of successful selection programs," in the book "The Oxford Handbook of Personnel Assessment and Selection." The full reference is: Kehoe, J., Brown, S. & Hoffman, C.C. (2012). The life cycle of successful selection programs. In The Oxford Handbook of Personnel Assessment and Selection (N. Schmit, Ed.). NY: Oxford University Press. Congratulations Jerry and Cal!
  • EASI·Consult®'s, Dave Smith, attended the International Congress of Psychology Conference in Cape Town, South Africa! EASI·Consult®'s CEO, Dave Smith, Ph.D., attended the International Congress of Psychology, (ICP) 2012 Conference in Cape Town, South Africa. There was more than 10,000 psychologists from around the world in attendance. Dave was working closely with consultants at JVR to help market and promote the JVR/EASI·Consult® online assessments. EASI·Consult® has a multi-year partnering relationship with JVR. JVR is one of the largest privately owned distributors and publishers of psychometric assessments and tools in Sub Saharan Africa. Several of EASI·Consult®'s assessments, including the Manufacturing Compatibility QuestionnaireTM (MCQTM, are included in JVR's portfolio.
  • EASI·Consult® and Workitect Announce a New Teaming Relationship

    EASI·Consult® and Workitect are proud to announce a new teaming relationship. The arrangement was announced by EASI·Consult® and Workitect Principals David Hoff and Ed Cripe. They described both organizations as having a common heritage and base their competency modeling approaches on the McClelland/McBer models, a well validated and well researched approach.

    David Hoff, Don Payne, EASI-Consult's Vice President Executive Development (former McBer President), and Ed Cripe, all worked at McBer during the 1980's.

    EASI·Consult®, headquartered in St. Louis, MO, focuses primarily in selection, development, and leadership which have competencies at its core. Workitect, headquartered in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, focuses its consulting on providing competency-based human resource tools in organizational development, including talent management and assessment and selection. "Together, we hope to use these combined resources to work on projects, globally and in the public and private sectors," says David Hoff, EASI·Consult® Principal and COO.

  • 2012 SIOP Related News

    The 27th Annual SIOP Conference will be held April 26th - 28th in San Diego, CA.

    This year EASI·Consult® is proud to announce that Whitney Botsford, a consultant with EASI·Consult®, will be a panelist in a SIOP symposium entitled "Leadership and Teams: It's never too early." The symposium is a 50 minute session and will be held on 4/28/12, at 2:00 pm in Gregory AB.

    EASI·Consult® is also proud to announce that Paige Wolf, a consultant with EASI·Consult®, is an author on a paper that will be presented at SIOP. The paper is titled "Virtuality, Team Processes, and Shared Leadership in Project Teams." It will be presented in the symposium, Virtual Organizational Effectiveness.

    EASI Consult's Lee Konczak will be presenting a poster at SIOP this year. Lee's poster is titled "The Big Five and Teamwork: Predicting Executive Development Team Effectiveness." This study investigated how the team-level Big Five personality traits could predict team effectiveness in executive development teams. Results indicated that team-level agreeableness and emotional stability were significantly related to team effectiveness.

    EASI Consult's A.J. Marsden will be awarded the Robert J. Wherry Award for the Best Research Poster from the IOOB Conference in San Diego (March 2011) at SIOP this year. Her research investigated the relationship between personality characteristics and online versus traditional mentoring. Results indicate that the personalities of both the mentors and the proteges interact with mentoring type and influence the different types of support.

  • Paige Wolf has two publications!

    Two interesting and exciting articles by EASI Consult's Paige Wolf are now published. The first, titled "Developing Efficacy Beliefs for Ethics and Diversity Management," is now available in the Academy of Management Learning and Education Journal, volume 11, issue 1.

    The second, titled "Short Term Study Abroad: A Transformational Approach to Global Business Education," is now available in the Journal of International Education in Business, volume 4, issue 2.

    Congratulations, Paige!

  • Richard Chagnon's Contribution to the Book Review Section of Personnel Psychology In keeping with EASI Consult's commitment to leading edge talent management Richard Chagnon, a senior consultant at EASI·Consult® with an extensive 30 year background as a talent management professional, is a regular contributor to the Book Review section of the Personnel Psychology journal. The books reviewed address excellent offerings in the field of talent management by authors who are both researchers and practitioners in the field. Most recent reviews include: Designing Workplace Mentoring Programs: An Evidence Based Approach, by Allen, Finkelstein, and Poteet. Retooling HR: Using Proven Business Tools to Make Better Decisions About Talent, by John Boudreau. Career Paths: Charting Courses to Success for Organizations and Their Employees by Carter, Cook, and Dorsey. These books represent excellent thinking and practical advice in human capital business solutions.
  • Jack Berry has a publication in ASTD's T + D Journal! An interesting and exciting article by EASI Consult's Jack Berry has just been released in ASTD's Training and Development Journal. It is titled, "Transforming HRD into an Economic Value." Jack notes how a transformation is taking place in human resource development (HRD). It is moving from being managed as a cost center to being used as a source of competitive advantage.
  • EASI·Consult® Teams with A.I. Mir LLC! EASI·Consult® would like to announce a Teaming Agreement with A.I. Mir LLC. A.I. Mir LLC is a management consulting firm that provides services in the area of: 1) Consulting; 2) Outsourcing; 3) Training and Development. A.I. Mir is headquartered in St. Louis but does extensive work outside the U.S. A.I. Mir will begin by focusing on our online EASI-Interviews and our Work Styles Predictor but will also include the business development of our Human Capital consulting. A.I. Mir will have exclusive rights to market and sell EASI-Consult's products and services directly or through its affiliates to the countries and regions including: (1) the GCC (United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Sultanate of Oman, Kingdom of Bahrain, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), (2) Pakistan, (3) India and (4) Hong Kong.
  • Dave Hoff, COO, was nominated and appointed to a 3 year term at Teachers College, Columbia University on their Alumni Council! It is a 3 year post that began in September 2011.
  • Joe Gier and Dave Hoff attended the AIMC Conference in Orlando, Fla. Apr 10-13 where EASI·Consult® was a sponsor, where he delivered a session on Leading Edge Internal Consulting Initiatives: A Perspective from AIMC Chapter Leaders. Dave Hoff also attended the AIMC Board Meeting on Sun, Apr 10.
  • EASI·Consult® is proud to announce being awarded a 5 year Blanket Purchase Agreement as a sub-contractor to IBM. This BPA is one of 3 the Coast Guard awarded. The work is to provide Support Services for the U.S. Coast Guard Human Resources Directorate. EASI·Consult®'s point of contact, David Hoff, COO and EVP Leadership Development, indicated that he is thrilled to have the opportunity to team with IBM and provide work to the Coast Guard. This marks another significant win for team EASI·Consult®.
  • SIOP-related News

    Joe Gier led a panel at SIOP (April 14-16) in Chicago. The panel was "Preparing for the Workplace - the Virtual Workplace." Linda Greensfelder was also a panelist, as well as Therese Macan from the University of Missouri St. Louis.

    Lee J. Konczak, Senior Lecturer, Washington University in St. Louis; and David E. Smith, President, EASI·Consult® also led a panel at SIOP this year. The panel was "An Academic-Practitioner Collaboration to Create High-Engagement Executive Assessment and Development Experiences."

    The EASI SIOP Reception was a success with over 80 friends of EASI attending!

  • Recently, Dave Hoff had a book review appearing in Personnel Psychology.
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