Competency Based · Customized · Behavioral Interviews

EASI·Consult® can customize our interview generator to fit your company's specific needs.

Ways that interviews can be customized include:

  • Using your company's competency model
  • Creating questions specific to your organization
  • Aligning the scoring system with your company's needs

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Additional Services

Training Workshop

EASI·Consult® provides both half-day and full-day Training Workshops that outline how to use EASI·Interviews® to find the best people for your company. Both workshops outline:

  1. The benefits of conducting structured interviews that are behaviorally based
  2. The proper way to set up and conduct interviews
  3. Scoring techniques that will assure all candidates receive accurate interview ratings
  4. What to do once interviews have been conducted
  5. Legal questions and questions to avoid

Full day workshops also include an opportunity to practice conducting structured interviews while being coached by expert consultants.

Technical Report

Even the most legally sound selection tool can be a legal liability without proper documentation. Following the development of interviews for your company, EASI·Consult® can provide you with a comprehensive technical report that outlines the Content Validity strategy used to develop your interviews. In addition, this report will provide detailed documentation of how the EASI·Interview process meets key legal objectives set forth by the "Uniform Guidelines for Employee Selection Procedures".

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