EASI·Consult® Announces New Teaming Relationship with Human Capital Solutions!

EASI·Consult® is proud to announce an exciting, new teaming relationship with Human Capital Solutions. The Human Capital Solutions group are consultants in the field of executive search. They know what it takes to deliver the results your business requires. They have the people and the processes to deliver those results. Their retained executive search consultants are experienced industry veterans.

EASI·Consult’s David Hoff was a guest expert on the CFR Career 100 podcast. Click here to listen.

The Role of Competencies in Career Development

Presented to the U.S. Department of State

Competency modeling is an activity that is becoming more and more common in organizations. It is quickly becoming the hub around which the entire human capital cycle is being organized.

A New Look at the Job Analysis Interview: The Hierarchical Job Analysis

The fact that a thorough job analysis is essential to good personnel management goes without questioning. With accurate and complete information obtained from the analysis, an organization can successfully develop recruitment, selection and training programs, establish performance appraisal systems and make meaningful comparisons between jobs for the determination of pay equity.

Responsible Employment Testing Pays Off

Few people would consider shopping for a remedy before knowing they had a medical problem. In a similar fashion, we typically don't purchase a tool and later look for a place to use it. The logic seems sound; however, you would be surprised at the number of well- intentioned companies falling into this trap when considering employment tests.

The Critical Role of Pre-Employment Testing in Healthcare Settings

The discussion that follows will highlight some of the major reasons why healthcare seems to be trending towards the use of pre-employment testing more slowly than other private sector industries.

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